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PSR-SX900 Firmware Updater V1.04
PSR-SX900 Firmware Updater V1.04

Version History

V1.03 to V1.04
  • Increased the font size of the Score, the Lyrics, and the Text Viewer display.

  • Fixed a problem in which, under a certain situation, the indication lamps (MIDI indicator) on the Mixer display would not work.

  • Fixed a problem in which the Registration Memory function would not work properly in some cases.

  • Fixed a problem in which the Audio Song parameters were not properly saved to Registration Memory in certain situations.

  • Fixed a problem in which the instrument would, in certain situations, become unresponsive to operations when attempting to save a Mic Setting.

  • Now supports use with the Yamaha Expansion Manager (V2.6.0 or later).

  • Fixed other problems.

Firmware Installation Procedure
Notice: Do not turn off the power of the instrument or remove the USB flash drive during this operation.

1) Download the firmware
 a) Download the Zip file to the computer.
 b) Connect the USB flash drive to your computer.
 c) Extract the *.prg file and copy it to the root directory of your USB flash drive.
2) Connect the USB flash drive to the instrument
Connect the USB flash drive containing the downloaded files to the USB TO DEVICE terminal of the instrument.
Notice: Make sure that the USB flash drive is properly connected to the terminal.
Excessive force or incorrect insertion may damage the terminal.
3) Install the firmware
 a) While holding down the STYLE CONTROL [START/STOP] button on the panel, turn the power on.
 b) When the following message appears, press the [START/STOP] button to start the firmware installation.
 c) When firmware installation is complete, the following message appears with the new firmware version. Press the power button on the instrument to turn it off.

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